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Story by Milu Aman


No one ever imagined that one day the Earth would have such a catastrophic fate. Although the world as we know today, has come a long way in terms of technological innovations, yet it has divided the entire human race into two distinct classes. Ordinary people, the mass, wished for a tech-driven decent livelihood, but the vicious and powerful ruling class turned greedy to exploit the newer technology to serve their own selfish evil ploys. The commoners are in distress and most oppressed today. The taste of money, wealth and power have turned the arrogant exploiters into monstrous inhuman. The greedy oppressors has become the worst environment polluters as well. It’s the self-obsessed power-mongers for whom the global natural environment today is in ruins. The productions of cash-crops and the mineral mines are all under their possession, all the major trades – they own, all the major maritime routes – under their control, all while the commoners are left to starvation, struggles for their access to basic food or pure water. Mass deforestation led to the rapid extinction of the wildlife. Due to climate-catastrophe, the two distant Polar Regions’ excessive melting icy-tops have turned the zones into icy rivers now. The air-pollution has reached so bad that fresh air is a far cry now. The oppressed people can only go out using oxygen masks, which too often get scarcely available. To serve their ever-growing greed, the evil gamblers keep on destroying countless acres of green forests and keep on building citadels to serve their own interests, while the balance of nature takes a toll, the civilian mass lose their minimum rights. At one point, the tortured mass of the earth unify once again and declare solidarity to fight back, for one last time. They are met with hi-tech armed robot-warriors. Hence, a deadly bloody genocide begins. The hackers from all corners of the globe too, join the march, a virtual warfare of the Good vs Evil starts. Their team-efforts with the allied guerrilla forces, soon win them the initial war, but their laugh soon get long gone, as they eventually see it was just a transitory victory. With a deafening noise and utter surprise, now the fighter-planes loaded with bombs show up on the skyline while armoured cars and tanks take controls of the roads to silence the freedom-fighters for good. The ammo war began, for which the light-armed commoners were obviously not at all prepared. As a result, the daily casualty at the mass people side keeps getting bigger and bigger. Alas! With such grave fatality, it feels like the ultimate defeat for the commoners! The evils rulers regain their watch and control over the world again! They do not fear God, rather they are the self-proclaimed Gods. Levels of tortures increase many folds. The once vividly blue sky of the earth goes pale grey! The once picturesque green fields are out of green today! The sun seems to stare with a gloomy light of sorrow!



In the cold, darkened city

Struggling on life’s Pity

They’re killing through the game

Slaying lives in pain

Everywhere I look

Haze in the sky

Burning through the grass

All the seeds of life


Uncounted miles of blood

Looks pitch black and dark

Killing through the flame

All mortal tech insane

Hacking through the war

Artificial life

Earth is shaking down

For the tree of life


They are the gamblers of all lives

Smoke is covering all the lies

They are the gamblers of all lives

Bet is on, just roll the dice

Mankind standing on their last mistake

Paranoid growing power

Making laser cannon towers

Building firewalls

Forbidding God’s Commands

Lost all the fear On a panel of controlled war

As the countdown is on

Waiting Arch Angel’s arrival


All comms are failing

Robot fighter planes flying

Reptiles crawling Killers are set to the program

Red blood is rising

In the Garden of Eden

Pitch black fog covering

The gravity stuttering

Under the tree of life


Guitar Solos: Rifat, Sazzad

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