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Tree of Life


1. Tree of Life (6:34)              Chapter-1 Read Story 

2. Song of Earth (5:58)          Chapter-2  Read Story 

3. Spear of Light (5:39)          Chapter-3  Read Story 

4. Forever Gone (5:58)             Chapter-4 Read Story 

5. The Watchers (6:55)             Chapter-5 Read Story 

6. The Great Flood (7:16)          Chapter-6  Read Story 

7. The Archangel (5:44)                Chapter-7 Read Story 




1. Jibonbrikkho (6:34)        Chapter-1 Read Story 

2. Prithibir Gaan (5:58)        Chapter-2  Read Story

3. Shottojoddhya (5:39)         Chapter-3  Read Story 

4. Shomadhi (5:58)                Chapter-4 Read Story 

5. Rokkhok (6:55)                   Chapter-5 Read Story

6. Mohaplabon (7:16)               Chapter-6  Read Story 

7. Azrael (5:44 )                        Chapter-7 Read Story 


Volume-3 (Instrumental Bonus Tracks)

1 .Tree of Life (6:34)

2 .Song of Earth (5:58)

3 .Spear of Light (5:39)

4 .Forever Gone (5:58)

5 .The Watchers (6:55)

6 .The Great Flood (7:16)

7. The Archangel (5:44)

Line-up :

  • Bass- B.Ahmed Rahi

  • Guitars- Rifat Rahman

  • Guitars- Sazzad Arefeen

  • Vocals- Ehsan Rahman Zia

  • Drums- Syed Ziaur Rahman Turjo

Primary Genre: Metal

Primary Sub Genre: Power Metal

Secondary Genre: Rock

Secondary Subgenre : Progressive Rock

Concept Story by Milu Aman

Digital distribution/License & Copyright: Cdbaby (On behalf of Ground-Force)

Album Cover art by Injamamul Adittya

Official Videos by Mir Hisham

Collage Lyric Videos by Kousik Zaman

Logo/booklet/graphics by Kousik Zaman

Recorded at : RockJaatra , The Musical Nest, Dreek studio, Studio 13

Keyboards on Track-6 (The Great Flood/ Mohaplabon ) : Ehsan Rahman Zia

Rifat Rahman's Guitars are recorded by Rifat Rahman

Bass Recorded by Sazzad Arefeen, Syed Ziaur Rahman Turjo

All other tracks are Recorded/mixed and mastered by Sazzad Arefeen

Online Technical support by Ashfaqur Rahman

Special acknowledgements: Rubel James Rozario Ahmed Saifur Rahman Ahmad Mahboob

*** Any Radio or Television / Blogs / Commercial performance require consents from Ground-Force to use any song or any part of our song from the album TREE OF LIFE as it falls under global copyright acts & Performing rights administration (PRA) . For that Write to as here:

***Fans do not need any consents from us to cover/tribute our songs, upload on youtube or facebook with Videos using our audios.

***Any un authorized distribution of the audio / transfer / copy / free download from websites will fall under legal actions.

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