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Story By Milu Aman
Chapter 5: The Watchers

After the most dreadful global catastrophe was over, it was time to rehabilitate and reinstate earth’s nature and its inhabitants’ peaceful living. And for that, the cosmic supreme command sent a group of protectors from the far space: The Watchers arrive, with a core mission to protect the Tree of Life. They will show the new world the right path.

On the other hand, after Azra’s farewell to eternity, Robin wraps himself into complete isolation. With his new family, the two kids he takes refuge at the abandoned hilltop space-station, away from the daily hustle and bustles. He takes with him a gang of hackers his most trusted cyber troop and the top of Azra’s battalion’s command into his new den. They clean it up and make the building their new headquarter. The dead-silent space-centre is alive again.

But deep inside, there is Azra, still alive, 24-! And there is the unbearable pain mixed with unfathomable guilt! He seeks his own solitude at the top of the satellite-station room. Unless it’s too urgent to make a decision, he does not prefer communicating with anyone that much. He tries to distract himself away from the thought of Azra by keeping busy all day and up to late hours, experimenting with newer technological inventions, hi-tech devices, for human welfare. After countless trial & errors, Robin eventually develops a special super-long-distance surveillance drone camera, which cannot be seen with the naked eye or tracked by the most powerful earthly radar. Robin puts them in scattered locations, high above, all over the world. Now, he can easily watch and monitor the activities of remote people, day to day important happenings, the global weather patterns, from any specific zones in the world in a fraction of moment. He keeps this revolutionary invention a top secret.

Robin raises the two kids as his own. He renames the boy as Bijoy, and the baby girl, Azra. The two found a father in Robin too, growing up together among the accompanying herd. Their favourite daily pass-time is when learn from Robin various new technology in a playful manner.

Robin spends his whole day in research and experimenting in his lab, gives time to the kids, at times responds to his team’s complex trouble-shooting calls – despite all these, he still can’t sleep at night. At one point, Robin leaves his bed and meditates, prays for the rest of the night. Day after day, night after night, this has become Robin’s daily routine now. His people now unconditionally obeys him even more for his profound philosophical & spiritual inner-depth.

One such day, it was just before the dawn. Perhaps due to fatigue, Robin falls asleep while his early morning prayers. In trance he sees a celestial vision, a terrible nightmare it was! He sees a devastating dark cloudlike figure coming towards him with unbelievable rage and force, everything on its way, and life on earth comes to an abrupt end! Robin’s heart starts pounding. Shaken, he wakes up with a terrible headache. With a worrying face, Robin wonders, why this dream! What can be its underlying message?

The watchers were deployed to protect the earth. But after one point, they too started to break the supreme law and became adulterers. They were arbitrarily breaking all the rules, and engaged in having sex with humans, which was strictly forbidden for them.  They also raped women, and a mutated, giant species evolved. These ferocious carnivorous monsters are now not only killing the watchers, the humans, but also each others of their own giant breed. They devour corpses too!! Robin’s drone surveillance also caught these heinous crimes. Something must be done, Robin mutters.

In such a situation, the supreme creator sees the watchers whom he sent to earth as protectors, have become the oppressors. The cosmic power is now fierce, angry and decided to severely punish the watchers for their misdeeds. He decides to chain them and send away to in a dark hole in the crater, deep down at the epicentre of the earth. For the next seventy generations they will remain imprisoned there and burn in the hellish fire.

Time passes by. It was the dead of the night prior dawn, the sky still darkened. Robin was sitting on his prayer mat, in deep meditation. And, suddenly that vision pops up again, this time the ethereal force looks much clearer. It’s a devastating flood with gigantic waves touching the sky, coming towards him in super speed. The black sky, fire winds, dreadful storm and tsunami altogether swallowing the lands and the world is tumbling down!

Robin woke up with a thudding! He quickly moves goes to the satellite room and turns on the drone’s extreme surveillance mode. With utter disbelief he sees major parts of the world covered in what it looks like a supernatural storm and rain! The snowy mountains and glaciers melting, raising sea water levels. In some places there are clear hints of catastrophic floods, and tsunami, the seismograph reading shows signs of the tectonic plates moving beneath the seas. Robin instantly wakes up his team and shows them the stats. He instructs them to warn the others and to get ready earliest possible.

Robin’s surveillance screen shows the situation worsening every minute. Now it’s abundance of water everywhere, nothing but water! Robin assumes any moment they would be submerged too. He turns the screen off, thinking of something important. Rushes to the study-room wall bookshelf to find out an old device, it’s like an old-fashioned cassette player. He didn’t invent it. The shining ones gave it to him when they left the earth long ago.

With a curious gesture BIjoy and Azra comes to him running: What is it,?

“It’s a transformation device that can turn water into glass,” Robin tells them hurriedly.

“Whoa!!!” Both the kids’ eyes are startled! Bijoy asks, “What will do with this now?”

Robin replies hesitantly, “I don’t know either. But I know that we are going to be trapped in the water, the earth will be flooded in this great flood. We have to do something, and I do want to try this device, who knows it might be the key to something! For that, we must get out of here. Now! ”

Excited Azra asks in a worrying tone, “Where shall we go now, Baba? Aren’t we rather safe here at this height?”

Robin replies in a complete peaceful tone: “We’re going to our sea’s beach, my child”

Azra and Bijoy are quite surprised by this answer! Why are they going near to the sea in the midst of this severe stormy night? But they have their complete faith on Robin, and thus leaves with Robin without a single further word!


Sons of God fallen down, heaven sent from the far skies
Holy light will guide us balance the earthly life
Protect us, guide us, save us from all the evil
Warriors, the watchers, sons of God with holy light

Disobeyed all the Heaven's orders
Illusion, love has no borders
Mating all with the human
Birth of the giants and their roars are fierce

Blood Red eyes seeking blood, killing all living beings
Human cry, all die, tear apart all heads lie
The Watchers, defaulters
Chain them under the earth
They will burn on fire till the very end of time

Here comes the great flood to wash away the blood
Human or monsters will sweep away all alive

The Watchers, defaulters
Chain them under the earth
Denied God, betrayed earth, damaged all earthly lives
Burn them all on hell fire until the end of time
God has spoken, chain them all
Until Archangel arrives

Guitar solo:Sazzad

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