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Story By Milu Aman
Chapter 6: The Great Flood

The watchers turning the oppressors, the giants disrupting the earth’s peace – all these annoys the celestial power so much that it decides to annihilate the earth with the great flood. This flood will be so terrible that nothing will escape its wrath, neither the humans and nor the monsters. The rain of death starts all over the planet and all the water-bodies start inflating many folds.

The hellish massive gust of wind with all its rage was closing in fast! Robin, Azra and Bijoy were running towards the sea as fast they could. On way whenever Robin sees any of his followers, believers, he pleaded them to follow him to the sea. Everyone at the roads were at a loss by the horrifying atmospheric changes! They were searching here and there for a shelter. Robin’s words comforted many, and they instantly followed him, while some other looked confused, but still decided to join the band, but many others thought that Robin must have gone mad, otherwise who would want to go to the deadly sea-waves during this dire hour? They completely ignored Robin’s call and fled.

Pushing against the deadly-strong wind, with only the believers following him, Robin gradually moves closer to the sea. The sea looks unbelievably rough, with gigantic waves crashing beyond the shore one after another! Sighting this fearful scene, many of Robin’s followers decide to retreat. They back away from the group at the last moment. Robin tries to console and convince them one lat time, but fails to. Robin looks more confident and is steadfast. He keeps on moving forward holding Bijoy and Azra’s hands. His heavy device-box is still hanging from a shoulder-strap.

Just as they were about to reach the shore, they almost choke, realizing the enormous sky high wave crashing down on them just like a snake’s fang. For a moment everybody thought it’s all over for them. They start muttering their last prayers. Just then, Robin took out the small device and switched it on pointing towards the wave. And, the next second, there was a deafening roar of void, and then there was no more sounds of the winds, waves or thunder! It was an absolute silence, it felt! That giant wave has frozen, converting into an arched glass-bridge over the ocean. Everyone ias at an absolute awe, hypnotized.

Robin looks back at his disciples as a holiness surround him, “Come on everyone. Don’t be afraid, God will save us.” Saying this, Robin marches ahead, and all follow him on the path of glass, towards an unknown destiny, fully keeping their faith on Robin.

The sea water level kept rising, and one after one all the high mountains went want the dark water. Apparently there were not a single life left behind, and this way all the creatures – the human-flesh-eater giants and civilian humans vanished from the face of this planet.

Meanwhile, Robin keeps moving forward stepping on the translucent alleyway of crystal. All his followers are still numb by the ordeal that have been through. They keep following Robin without asking a single question. Their faith on him escalated thousand times when the path of glass came visible out of nowhere! All of a sudden, Robin sees a distant light, seems like a gateway to somewhere. They all speed up. As they near it, they find it really is a gate. One by one all enter the gate and with the last one entering, Robin it is, the entire path of glass turns back to water and crashes down on the sea as an enormous wave, with a thunderous sound. With no land visible, the entire earth turns into a giant blue bubble itself in this cataclysmic great flood. 


In tears
Someone in the rain with the rising sea waves
The great flood

Are you lost?
Let us all take the path behind the mountain block
God will lead us

Unbelievers or monsters
This storm will drown you one by one in the flood

Let us walk along, no shelters left
The loved ones dead cold
The strong wind blur our eyes
The shield of faith lead us all

Do not stop, do not look behind
This is the sea, this is the end
Have faith in you, just hold your hands

True believers hold their breath
God are you there?
Show them the right way

Mountains high are no more there
All you see now is the sea
Men and women, demons drown
Archangel is coming down
Slay, slay all living beings
You shed no blood just take ‘em down
A fierce last wave fall on us
We walk away on a path of glass

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