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Story By Milu Aman
Chapter 7: The Archangel

Robin looks behind, at his planet earth for the last time, and sees the darkest clouds covering the whole sky, as a huge black shadow coming down from the sky!

The archangel, the angel of death, Azrael descends from the seventh heaven. At the command of the Creator, Azrael has arrived to slay and take away the last sou. From his dead-cold clutches, no humans or giants get spared.

Since the very beginning of creation and to eternity, Azrael has been sincerely doing this duty at the order of the God.



Written on the book
Newborn with the proof
Erased on the death again
Chained all the souls
All livings bound to follow the lead

Heaven and hell, walking on his steps
Flying through the seven skies
Four faces, thousand wings, the fastest through the worlds

Thousand eyes, saliva red
Takes your life in a blink of an eye
Sent by the God
Name is written on the leaf of the tree of life

Azrael, forgotten by (the) foolish men
Azrael, standing by your days end
All you must recite now is your Kalema

In the grey moonlight on an eerie night
He will seek you with thy name
With a nice smile and a gentle verse
He will take you away

Try fight your way through lava you sway
Or beneath the seven seas
God asks he moves wherever you flee
Written is your name


Guitar Solos: Sazzad, Rifat

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