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Story by Milu Aman

Chapter-3 : Spear of Light

Story by Milu Aman Chapter-3 Robin is still completely unaware that his appealing message from the distressed earth finally made its way through the dark vast space, to the successor of an ancient civilization with extremely advanced-intelligence. Robin's passionate call surpassed the speed of light and reached to the intergalactic intellect. Lightning flashes across the dark grey sky. A dazzling light gradually grows from beneath the clouds. A radiating diagonal ray from the source of light comes directly to the surface of the earth. It is as if all the electricity poles on the roads seem crumbling, terrified. The shattered city seems to be coming back to life, in the holy light. Gradually the fog clears and it seems slowly the blue colour of the sky is coming out once again, after ages, as if the sun itself is reborn. The shining ones show up on the soil of the earth from across thousands of galaxies. Watching all these form the Space-centre window, with utter awe, from the top of the hill, Robin has tears in his eyes. The shining ones are made of light and have no automatic weapons. They radiate rays of destructive light from inside their own blue rings. The evil monarchs, the self-proclaimed Gods, are now helpless. The illuminating light rays turns all their cannon, arms and ammunition to ashes in a blink of an eye. The shining ones destroy all the evil forces, who can’t even stand a chance in front of this unearthly power. Very quickly the evil force is defeated by the shining ones. The world is finally free from tyranny.




Bright light - shining,

thunder in the sky

Moving close to the city walls

The earth - shaking,

walls cracking loud

Coming back to the city of life

Dark clouds are clearing out i

n white burning lights

All techs failing to hide your face


No more hiding now


No more hiding no more fighting

all the gamblers die

War is on, game is over,

of the tree of lies

Earth is calling,

shining ones coming

with the spear of light

God will rise up the tree of life


From a distant world

they heard innocent cries

The song's a letter from the earth

Aeons of sufferings

They'll ease your pain

with the shield of Gods holy light


Old trees are getting up

touching the sky

All techs are failing to hide you away


Technology with droids forbidden God

Manmade machines you believed they're stronger than us

Now you go hiding, why hiding? Come on show us your face

Now you seek mercy! Why mercy?

to the tree of life!


Spear of Light

Spear of Warriors

Spear of Light

Spear of the Shining Ones


Guitar Solos: Rifat , Sazzad

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