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Story by Milu Aman
Chapter 4: Forever Gone

But alas! Little did the common people know that this victory would cost them a big price! In this great war of just, countless freedom-fighters got martyred, countless civilian lives also got lost as collateral damage. This is a brutal truth for wars.

Robin comes down the hill with much excitement, only to find that the whole world seems to have turned into a large morgue. Countless burnt, deformed corpses scattered here and there on the streets. Robin is bewildered, he couldn’t believe his eyes, he cannot bear it anymore. He feels as if he has arrived in a surreal world. Robin calms himself down fast and gets back on his feet. The tracked was not working anymore, but he knows where to find his Azra. He must celebrate this hard-earned victory with Azra!

On the way he hears a baby’s sharp cry somewhere nearby. He figured out the source of the sound was coming from a darkened alley and heads that way. It was a little girl, sitting beside a burnt body, her mother may be. Devastated by the traumatic event, the little child was literally shaking out of fear. Robin took the girl in his arms and quickly leaves the alley. Robin resumes his move towards his destination, now holding the toddler tight. Every block he passes by, he crosses one horrible scene after another. But soon after, he had to stop once again hearing a groaning in a faint voice, “Water, water!”

Robin put the rescued little girl down from his lap and walked towards a wrecked, ruined house. He finds a man, his body mutilated by the heavy ceiling-beams. Robin sits beside him, holds his wrist firmly. With a pale, blank look the man stares at him, takes a deep breath and then closes his eyes. Robin looks at the corner, seeing a shadow. He pulls out a traumatised little boy from the rubble. The poor lad was in complete shock and couldn’t utter a word.  Robin takes the boy too with him and devastated, marches ahead again, passing the horrific scenes all around. Finally they reach the secret den of Azra’s team. Robin can’t wait to meet his beloved Azra in this long-cherished free world!

The scene here is not very different from what they saw on the roads. Corpses here and there, scattered everywhere making the ambiance too suffocating. Seeing Robin coming from a distance, someone comes running towards them. Robin could recognize him; he is one of the deputy commanders of Azra’s army. The young man bursts into tears holding Robin, saying, “The Commander is no longer with us! After successfully we were returning to our den……we all were in such a good mood making sure you entered the gate safely! But all of a sudden, they surrounded us! They must have been observing our activity with long-distance surveillance-drone after the fighting happened, and they waited till we reached our hideout! They attacked us from all corners and came upon us with a hell of an attack, it was a dreadful battle!

Then we also counter-attacked, but could not cope for very long with their advanced weaponry. They also had a large number of soldiers. Seeing no way out at the end, the Commander alone without giving us a hint, and without any backup cover, went ahead towards the enemy tank. Seeing her alone, all the enemy soldiers rushed towards her together in all possible means, and the commander jumped on them with her suicide vest! It was all over in an instant… they were defeated by us for the second time the same day, with major casualty too…. but our Commander!!!” He wiped the tears and said, “We surely won today, but we lost everyone’s loved one, our Commander, along with so many comrades….”

Robin can’t believe his ears! The deputy’s words sort of created a deafening hollow around him. Robin succumbed to the ground and cried out loud!

The man grabbed him with a warm hug. By this time, many other fighters gather with teary eyes. They take Robin to Azra. The kids, confused and scared, silently follow Robin. The young deputy says, “The commander has bravely fought to the last. She’s the greatest warrior, she is a martyr.” The entire band of warriors give a salute towards Azra.

There she is! Young Robin’s best playmate Azra! His beloved Azra! There! Sleeping, all covered in a white cloth. Robin knelt down beside the remaining of Azra’s body and slowly removed the cloth from her face. Her beautiful face, partly burnt and bruised, looks pale, yet a serene smile is in her face, Robin feels! Robin dares not to look further.

Robin’s world is upside down! He blames himself for Azra’s deaths. All the comrades line up and carry Azra to the nearby cemetery, the grey clouds turned black now, mourning for Azra and all the martyrs, it felt. A gentle breeze fills the space. Robin kisses Azra’s forehead, for the last time. All holding Azra hand in hand put her to final rest. Robin sits still beside the grave. A gust of wind showers over them and a wild flower’s strong fragrance spreads all around. It’s drizzling now. The grieving raindrops from the cheek mixed with Robin’s teardrops keep flowing down.  Robin looks at the sky, raises his hands and starts praying, seeking forgiveness form the Almighty for Azra’s sins; He prays for all the martyrs, who are gone forever. The rain turns heavy, Robin sitting next to Azra’s grave cries his heart out.


Here comes the rain
Flows down a chill on the earth
Two souls apart
Wash away all the blood

The soul has to go
Prayers recite from the chant
Silently cry
That's the way of the God...

Clouds are flying all around
Blue light is leaving a trail behind
God is calling in
Unseen stairs in the sky
Sweet smell in wind is flying by
Thousands of roses blooming now
We have to let her go
Forever she is gone to the other side...

Two souls apart
All have to go one by one
Whole world apart
Cannot stop God's command

Don't know until who is gone
Life is written, a grand design
Only God can see it all
What is written on whose fate
Sweet smell in wind is flying by
Thousands of roses blooming now
We have to let her go
Forever she is gone to the other side...

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