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Ground-Force is a power-metal band from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Primarily planned in 2017, the band was experimenting with its line-up throughout 2018-2019 and finally formed with the current line-up in early 2020.

The ambitious three-volume debut album 'Tree of Life' is scheduled to be released in August 2021.

Ground-Force is a powerhouse of lineup, the house is full with musicians with years of experience and expertise in each of their fields. Now it is only matter of time to see how far Ground-Force can lead the Music with both Bangla and English contents to the whole world of music.




Vocals- Ehsan Rahman Zia

Guitars- Sazzad Arefeen

Drums- Syed Ziaur Rahman Turjo

Bass- B.Ahmed Rahi

Guitars- Rifat Rahman

Ehsan Rahman Zia

Ehsan Rahman Zia hails from Old Dhaka formed his first band Srishty, a trio with two school-mates from St. Gregory’s while all were in Notre Dame College, back in early1993. Zia was the frontman of Srishty -The lead singer, lead guitarist, principal composer and lyricist. Srishty got praises from all corners in the underground community in 2000, for its debut song Adhar, that got published in Chharpatra, the first underground band-mixed album of Bangladesh.

An avid rock music enthusiast, Zia has travelled through multiple genre and roles since then. In 2002 he joined Metal Maze, a much promising underground rock band back then. For Metal Maze, Zia played lead guitars, wrote and composed songs, sang a few too in the debut album ‘Ojana Oddhay (G-Series, 2003). In 2003 Zia toured with the monumental rock band Warfaze as a guest lead-guitarist cum backing vocalist.

Zia has a thirst for new sounds. And this quench drove him to start working on his studio-based one man army experimental theatrical rock project ‘The Scarlet Night’ in 2005. ‘Metamorphosis – A Threnody to Humanity’ was the first song form this series that got radio released in 2009. A few other songs from that project got released much later on streaming platform GAAN.  

In 2011, Zia co-founded Tahsan & The Sufis, an experimental sufi rock band. He was the lead-guitar player, co-composer, co-lyricist and backing vocalist.

Gradually Zia shifted to singing more and playing guitar less. Zia is the front man with the mic at Team Ground Force. He also writes and composes for Ground Force.

His musical interests have a wide variety, from Scorpions to Symphony X, from Black Sabbath to BeeGees, from Megadeth to Michael Jackson, from Eastern to Western Classical, from Metal to Folk Fusion, from Yanni to Yngwie Malmsteen.   

Sazzad Arefeen

Sazzad Arefeen is a complete rock musician. He is a celebrated guitar player, a songwriter, a composer, a lyricist and also a music-producer. He is an award-winning sound engineer from Bangladesh. His Guitar School ‘Guitar never Lies’ is a household brand itself, among the rock guitar enthusiasts of the country!

Sazzad took guitar at a very early age and formed his first band Metal Maze while he had been in class 7! In 2001 he joined Warfaze, the dinosaur or bangla rock fraternity. In 2006 he formed De-Illumination, the first Symphonic  Rock initiative from the land, released its debut album ‘Onibarjo’, which secured two prestigious awards ‘ best band (Critic’s Choice) and best sound engineer in the 7th Citycell Channel I Music Award’, the most popular music award of that time.  A number of songs from the album became instant hits among the rock music enthusiasts.  See more:

Sazzad’s prolific quality as a composer and songwriter are evident in his works for Warfaze (Moharaj) and De-Illumination (Onibarjo) albums. As a music-producer, he also initiated two compilation band albums with aspiring rock bands from Bangladesh and West Bengal, India.

Sazzad released a guitar instrumental album in 2016 titled Operation Angrymachine. See more: It was the first guitar instrumental album from Bangladesh holding the concept story of our Liberation War of 1971.

Sazzad’s musical prowess are evident in these albums:

Sazzad is a much respected guitar instructor. In 2001 he started Sazzad’s Guitar Guidance which he later renamed as Guitar Never Lies. It’s still actively mentoring scores of budding rock guitarists of tomorrow, both online/offline. Many of his former students have already made it big in the local rock scene. GNL, over the time, has become a brand itself.  See more:

Sazzad is the first and only endorsed musician and official artist of the international brands ‘Schecter Guitars’ (since 2018) and Blackstar Amplifications (since 2016) from Bangladesh!    

Syed  Ziaur Rahman Turjo

Syed Ziaur Rahman Turjo, aka Tj, is the iconic drummer of the iconic rock band Miles from Bangladesh. A prolific musician and a true youth icon, Tj has been a member of Miles since 1996 and has since recorded five studio-albums with Miles and has  toured, performed with Miles in countless live gigs home and abroad. Having said all these, Tj’s journey with drums go back a long way!

The very first time Tj took the drum sticks in hand was in 1979, a young school kid he played Marching Snare drum for 2yrs in "School Parade Band".


In 1983 Tj started playing Tabla and started realizing that he could play Tabla with any traditional song. This growing feeling led him to playing along recorded songs more and more. For the next 7yrs, he developed himself by playing various genre songs on tabla.


In 1989 in Montreal, Canada Tj started playing drums! His 1st band was in Montreal named "The Wasted Angels" who used to play pure hard rock songs like G'nR, Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Dokken, Cinderella, Motley Crew etc.


Moving back to Bangladesh in 1992, his first band ‘Vains’ was formed in Narayanganj. They used to play a lot of heavy stuffs back then. Then Tj joined in "Jolly Rogers" in 1994 which was a purely heavy metal band and it was one of the 1st generation heavy sounding bands of the local underground scene. They often covered live popular tracks from Metallica, Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne, Faith No More, Yngwie Malmsteen, Black Sabbath etc!


He was invited to play with Miles in 1996. 24 years on, and Tj is still rocking hard with Miles. He has inspired a generation of aspiring drummers both home and abroad! 

He was one of the Think Tanks behind the first ever Drum Day, that took place in 2018. It was a major success and that paved the way for him to initiate a unique, social-media based live talk titled ‘DrummerHood at Home, since mid 2020. This has been the one of a kind, and the very first show entirely dedicated to the drummers of Bangladesh. Within a very short span of time, this trendsetter show has already become quite popular among the local band musicians, and band music enthusiasts alike! 


Turjo is the Drummer of Ground Force.

B. Ahmed Rahi


Veteran bassist, lyricist, composer B. Ahmed Rahi began his musical journey while in school, while writing songs for his school band Undecided. He wrote and composed most songs of the band and took up bass as his instrument.


Then Dreek happened in 2003. Four years with the band, and in 2007 Rahi and Dreek went on to become the finalist of Bangladesh’s most talked about band hunt of all time, DRockstars, the reality talent show where he drew major attention from many prominent musicians of the country.


Rahi has also played as guest bassists for many celebrated musicians, bands and studio-albums including a much praiseworthy instrumental album, Operation Angry Machine (2016 ) by virtuoso guitarist/composer Sazzad Arefeen.


Rahi is the principal songwriter for Dreek and wrote all the songs in Dreek’s self-titled debut album (2015). Till now Rahi has penned hundreds of songs, composed as many and has numerous live shows under his belt.

Rifat Rahman


Rifat Rahman is a Guitarist / Singer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Actively doing music since 2011, Rifat Rahman started playing Guitar at the age of 17.

Rifat Rahman was the guest lead guitar player cum backing vocalist for the country’s iconic metal band Artcell (2017-2019) with whom he rocked the stages nationwide many a times during his reign.

His other notable musical ventures/adventures include: Utshorgo(2011-2018) as Lead Guitars/Backing Vocals, Byakoron ( ) as Lead Vocal/Guitars/Songwriter. Currently he is working on his Debut Instrumental Album.

His major musical influences come from: AB n LRB, James n Nagar Baul, Ark, Warfaze, Miles, Artcell, Sazzad Arefeen, Sonnet etc. nationally and Metallica, Megadeth, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Queen, Pink Floyd, Yngwei Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, W.A. Mozart etc. globally.

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